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I can't seem to get the syntax correct for a RegularExpression using C# to only allow positive numbers with up to 1 decimal point.

I have the following DataAnnotation for positive integers working:

[RegularExpression(@"[^\-][\d\.]*", ErrorMessage = "Positive integers only")]  

Any tips?

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How come .. is a valid positive integer? Or 3.14? –  svick Sep 27 '11 at 2:09

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You want ^\d+(\.\d)?$.

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[RegularExpression(@"^\d+(\.\d)?$", ErrorMessage = "Positive integers only")]
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I propose ^(0|[1-9]\d*(\.\d)?)$. That way you also rule out things like 0001.

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You may try @"^\d+([.]\d?)?$"
The "." is a special character and has to be escaped, otherwise the answer by SLaks is alright.

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