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I'm trying to import one of the GWT samples into Eclipse by following the instructions below. But when I browse to the directory containing the "Hello" sample and uncheck "Copy projects into workspace", the Finish button is grayed out, preventing me from completing the import. Any ideas why?

-- Option A: Import your project into Eclipse (recommended) --

If you use Eclipse, you can simply import the generated project into Eclipse. We've tested against Eclipse 3.3 and 3.4. Later versions will likely also work, earlier versions may not.

In Eclipse, go to the File menu and choose:

File -> Import... -> Existing Projects into Workspace

Browse to the directory containing this file, select "Hello". Be sure to uncheck "Copy projects into workspace" if it is checked. Click Finish.

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I had the same problem but found this:

I just tried this on Eclipse 3.4 1) Create a project named "Showcase" file > new > project

2) Import the Showcase files right-click on the project name

Import File System From Directory (browse to your eclipse samples installation) Showcase (select the directory in the left panel) Into folder (Showcase should be the default value)

This will import the source into your workspace. Use build.xml to build the project. The build will fail as the gwt-servlet.jar is in a shared directory which doesn't get brought into the project via this method.

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I also encountered this problem but got through it using following steps.

First open up a command prompt and go inside to the project folder using cd command.

then execute this command in there. Be sure to install apache ant before doing this.

ant eclipse.generate

this will generate .classpath and .project files

now you can import the project into the workspace just as normal way. file->import->general->existing project

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To import the samples from the Android SDK into Eclipse, do the following:

  1. Click File->New->New Android Project
  2. Select 'Create project from existing sample'
  3. Select your Build Target (The Android API level)
  4. Select the sample app you want.
  5. Finish.

This is valid for Eclipse 3.5.2.

BTW: Link in previous answer is broken.

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after importing right click on the project ->Goolge->web toolkit setting->click yes the check box and then run as a web application!

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-1, OPs problem states that he cannot complete import itself. – Reddy Oct 11 '12 at 12:00

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