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I have free version with limited functionalities&ads and paid ver. with full features with no ads.

I'm wondering, Should I make different ver. of app paid/free and upload it to market or Lite version and IN-APP-PURCHASE to upgrade to pro version?

What should be the best choice in this case? if you can give insights of pros and cons of IAP and pro/lite method would be great.

1Q: if user installs free ver. > makes in-app-purchase > uninstall

If he downloads it again then will he clicks in-app-purchase. Will Market ask him for money again (since he already paid?

ref: IAP android.

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Not really a programming question, the best choice depends on many things. In short, IAB is a bit harder to integrate, but may provide a better user experience: no need to install a separate app, and uninstall the free one later, etc. Maybe you should read the IAB reference first to get an idea how it works.

As for your question, if you use a managed item, the purchase is tied to the user's Google account, so they will get the upgrade after moving to a new device for free (you need to restore transactions on first run to ensure this happens).

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You could also use a license key like DocumentsToGo. The user has to download a 2nd app but you can even set it so it doesn't show up in the app drawer, basically the user wouldn't really notice that he DLs another app.

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A possible benefit of this is the added exposure in Play Store (or wherever you put it). – kaka Feb 24 '13 at 14:16

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