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I am following a nodejs book which is online: http://nodebeginner.org/ and stuck at one of the section. In that section (http://nodebeginner.org/#head22), it requires me to create the following 4 files:


var server = require("./server");
var router = require("./router");
var requestHandlers = require("./requestHandlers");

var handle = {};
handle["/"] = requestHandlers.start;
handle["/start"] = requestHandlers.start;
handle["/upload"] = requestHandlers.upload;

server.start(router.route, handle);


function start(){
        console.log("Request handler 'start' was called.");
        return "Hello start";

    function upload(){
            console.log("Request handler 'upload' was called.");
            return "Hello Upload";

    exports.start = start;
    exports.upload = upload;

function route(handle, pathname){
        console.log("About to route a request for " + pathname);
        if(typeof handle[pathname] === 'function'){
                console.log("No request handler found for " + pathname);
                return "404 Not found";

exports.route = route;


var http = require("http");
var url = require("url");

function start(route, handle){
        function onRequest(request, response){
                var pathname = url.parse(request.url).pathname;
                console.log("Request for " + pathname + " received.");

                response.writeHead(200, {"Content-Type":"text/plain"});
                var content = route(handle, pathname);

        console.log("Server has started.");

exports.start = start;

When I run, it returns me the following error:

Server has started. Request for / received. About to route a request for / Request handler 'start' was called.

http2.js:598 throw new TypeError('first argument must be a string, Array, or Buffer'); ^ TypeError: first argument must be a string, Array, or Buffer at ServerResponse.write (http2.js:598:11) at Server.onRequest (/var/www/node/server.js:11:12) at Server.emit (events.js:70:17) at HTTPParser.onIncoming (http2.js:1451:12) at HTTPParser.onHeadersComplete (http2.js:108:31) at Socket.ondata (http2.js:1347:22) at TCP.onread (net_uv.js:309:27)

I could trace the error to server.js and when I commented out these 2 lines, it works:

    var content = route(handle, pathname);

Where am I doing it wrong?

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You're forgetting to return the value on the 4th line of router.js


It will work properly if you change it to:

    return handle[pathname]();
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