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I am developing a Thunderbird add-on in which I want to add a node to every mail account in the account manager (opens when the user clicks on Tools->Account Settings). This node should show a panel with additional settings for the account.

I have seen that the tree in this dialog is not using XUL but JavaScript instead. So i did some changes to the JavaScript file but if tomorrow a new version comes out then their will be issues with my add-on. So I need to add the node as a XUL overlay but this doesn't see possible.

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You cannot use XUL overlays to overlay content that is built dynamically. But fortunately, the account manager is explicitly extensible. There is even some documentation covering your exact case. In short, you need to create an XPCOM component and register it in mailnews-accountmanager-extensions category. The account manager will then load your component and call showPanel() method for each account to determine whether you want your panel to be displayed for this account. You need to set chromePackageName and name properties appropriately, the panel will be loaded from chrome://chromePackageName/content/am-name.xul and panel name from chrome://chromePackageName/locale/ Please note that starting with Thunderbird 4 XPCOM components need to be registered in chrome.manifest.

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Thank you Wladimir palant for your ans, i will try these things. – Rohit Sep 27 '11 at 13:05
HI Wladimir Palant I am not getting how to implement what you have suggested . Can i get the name of any plugin which does the same . Thanking You, Rohit Jankar – Rohit Sep 28 '11 at 7:38
@Rohit: DSN Settings add-on uses this approach, it is pretty much an account manager panel and nothing else. Its XPCOM component is outdated however, see XPCOM changes in Gecko 2.0 for explanation of required adjustments. – Wladimir Palant Sep 28 '11 at 8:07
@Rohit: Enigmail is another one but it is more complicated. On the bright side, its XPCOM component (components/enigprefs-service.js) is current and works with Thunderbird 6. – Wladimir Palant Sep 28 '11 at 8:11
Hi Wladimir Palant i got how to add the panel in account settings , i have one more question i want to add node it the account is of gmail i.e will have node as "my settings " but will not have this node can you give me some idea how to do it. – Rohit Sep 29 '11 at 6:12

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