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I am having one situation,

Book Number | Book Authors | Publications | Versions

Controls i used in above fields, label in Book No., Combo box in Book Authors, Label in Publications and Combo box in Versions.

The above is my UI, if i choose the book authors from the combo box(values in combo box are retrieving from db), the values of publications and versions should retrieve from the db based upon the item i choose from the combo box. The page should not refresh. How to write the stored procedure for this.

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@Scorpion: I just tried select queries, but it's not work. – Abdul Rahman Sep 27 '11 at 7:06
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It seems like you really are asking the wrong question. There are a couple good answers here for how to write a select statement (via a stored procedure, or not).

However, getting the data from the database has little to do with to putting that data into the appropriate controls on your UI, and nothing to do with making sure the page does not refresh.

If you are really interested in how to how to write a stored procedure for a simple select statement, accept @MikaelEriksson's answer, but add appropriate SET statements to minimize future upgrade issues. You will also need to modify the column and table names to reflect your actual data (of course).


   @AuthorID int
    SELECT B.BookName,
    FROM Books as B
    WHERE B.AuthorID = @AuthorID
    ORDER BY B.BookName 

If you are interested in how to bind the data to your UI, and how to do it without refreshing the UI; then you need to ask a new question about that. It should be specific to your web framework. Generally speaking, if you want web UI update without refresh, you will be using some form of AJAX.

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If what you're trying to do is just cascading boxes, you write a SELECT query that return the appropriate rows. This is not what a stored procedure does.

SELECT * FROM `books` WHERE `author_id` = [author_id]

Stored procedures are used to process data, not select it.

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Ok, but i wan to select the values depending upon the item i choose in the combo box, i don't want to select all the values like "select * from" like this. – Abdul Rahman Sep 27 '11 at 7:04
"Stored procedures are used to process data, not select it." Well... perhaps in your world that is the case. Where I come from it is a totally different matter. No add hook queries from the client is allowed at all. All queries has to be done in SP's. – Mikael Eriksson Sep 27 '11 at 7:05
@MikaelEriksson: Then how i can achieve that one? Can you please tell me. – Abdul Rahman Sep 27 '11 at 7:09
@MikaelEriksson are you referring to prepared statements? I can't see how stored procedures would help you select a large resultset. EDIT: Actually, I see that this has been retagged as sql-server. I'm pretty sure I've come here from 'MySQL'. :/ – Naltharial Sep 27 '11 at 7:37
@AbdulRahman that's why you limit it with a WHERE clause. The SELECT * part only selects which fields you're selecting, not which rows. You can limit that not to be *, but we don't know your actual tables. – Naltharial Sep 27 '11 at 7:38

This is how you write a stored procedure that will fetch something for you. I have of course no idea what output you want and what parameters you need so ...

create procedure GetBooksByAuthorID
  @AuthorID int

select B.BookName,
from Books as B
where B.AuthorID = @AuthorID
order by B.BookName    
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