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I want to use the @after_insert decorator of Elixir, but i can't access the Session within the model. Since i have autocommit set to False, i can't commit any changes in the event handler. Is there any best practice how to deal with that?

The Code I used to build model, database connection etc. are mostly taken off the documentations.

The desired method:

class Artefact(Entity):
    def make_signature(self):
        self.signature = '%s-%s' % (self.artefact_type.title.upper()[:3], self.id)

All the Session initialization is done in the init.py in the same directory.

When I then call:


I get an error that Session is undefined. Any idea?

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Have you imported Session?

from packagename import Session

at the top of your model file should do the trick. Packagename is the directory name.

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