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i'm working on a gmail contextual gadget (GWT) to deploy on the google market place. the gadget is triggered correctly but when i try to get content matches it fail.

<ModulePrefs author="xxx" author_affiliation="xxx" author_email="xxx"
    directory_title="Test GMail Contextual Gadget" 
            title="Test Contextual Gadget">
    <Require feature="google.contentmatch">
        <Param name="extractors">google.com:EmailBodyExtractor</Param>
<Content type="html" view="card">

in the browser console i see the following error:

Uncaught ReferenceError: google is not defined

any idea ?

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I had exactly the same issue when working with contextual gadgets and GWT. You must prefix with $wnd like this :

var matches = $wnd.google.contentmatch.getContentMatches();

see also this thread where I figured it out :


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