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i have a product model and a product category model. and theres a habtm between those.

i have categories like 'men' and 'jeans' and i would like to filter these. to do a filter on men is no problem but i need to filter multiple parameters (men and jeans). i tried some variations but i'm stuck on this.

this is what i have so far..

Product.joins(:product_categories).where([' = 5 and = 6'])

thanks for your time!

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How about writting it like this and passing array of ids you're looking to filter by?

Product.joins(:product_categories).where([' in (?)', _product_categories_ids ])
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hm i figured out that this doesnt solve my problem.. if i select men and jeans.. i dont want women jeans.. this is what happens with the code above.. IN is like OR.. right? i need AND.. how i can achive this? thanks – Oliver Oct 10 '11 at 8:15
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this is the solution which selects men AND jeans and not men OR jeans:

@products = Product.scoped

@product_category_ids.each.with_index do |product_category_id, index|
  @products = @products.joins("INNER JOIN product_categories_products pcp#{index} ON pcp#{index}.product_id = AND pcp#{index}.product_category_id = #{product_category_id}")
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