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Yesterday, when I attempted to get a variable value from action, if I set the variable's which defined in ftl value up to below ten , the result always got empty.

<input type="hidden" name="orderId" id=orderId" value="9" /> 

public class OrderVo {
    private Long id;
    public Long getId() { return  this.id; }
    public void setId(Long id) { this.id = id; }

System.out.println("=============================" +vo.getOrderId());

the result was ""

Thank you at first,but it doesn't work. I got it the day before yesterday! Because for the release of the tomcat. You may come across problem in the tomcat 6.x,but not 5.x.

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You'll need to provide more information. Is the missing quote a typo? Are you saying you enter 10, or set the value to 10 in the action and want it to appear in the template? –  Dave Newton Sep 27 '11 at 10:02

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Please see the following section in the freemarker manual.



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