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  1. Is any one of sys.log(), console.log(), console.error() blocking? (var sys = require("sys");)
  2. How is sys.log() different from console.log();
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console.error is blocking (it calls sync write in writeError).

console.log is non-blocking = process.stdout.write(util.format.apply(this, arguments) + '\n');

sys.log == util.log == puts(timestamp() + ' - ' + msg.toString()); (non-blocking)

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From Firebug Wiki:

console.log writes a message to the console. You may pass as many arguments as you'd like, and they will be joined together in a space-delimited line.

console.error writes a message to the console with the visual "error" icon and color coding and a hyperlink to the line where it was called.

AFAIK they are not blocking.

sys.log is not native in the browsers I use. Maybe you can provide more info on that.

UPDATE: just noticed your node.js tag... Anyhow, I still don't think any of them is blocking.

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The question was in teh context of node.js but thanks anyway! –  rsman May 7 '13 at 16:16

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