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I need to extract all the tables, stored procs and functions from an SQL Server 08 db that are under a particular schema. I could filter the displayed items in Management Studio and then do Script As -> Drop/Create for each of them, but I would really like to avoid this as there are quite a few items in the schema.

Is there a way to do this?


I've had a look at this question (possible duplicate I just found). I'd rather not use an external tool as suggested, since this is at work and I'd need to get approval to use one. Nor do I want one big Create Database script - I need separate scripts for each table/sproc/function.

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   sys.objects obj 
   join sys.schemas sch on sch.schema_id = obj.schema_id
   left join sys.sql_modules co on co.object_id = obj.object_id
where = 'DBO' --here goes your schema name

--The syscoments table was used back in sql 2000 and you should not use it anymore - but when so it is the sys.syscomments table

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This works, thanks. Getting a strange behaviour though - it works for every schema except the one I'm looking for. Could any configuration or anything stop the schema from showing up in this query/sys.objects? I've made sure that the objects are definitely in the right schema, so it's not empty. – Alex Sep 28 '11 at 8:26

Visual Studio 2010 Premium includes database project tooling support that allows you to perform database schema comparisons between databases (where you can filter to only a specified database schema) and extract all the objects (and configuration) in a live database to a VS2010 database project, creating a script per object.

See Working with Database Projects.

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Something based on

SELECT [text] FROM [syscomments]
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