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Hi i am using selenium with testng. I have created a code in which i will login to a website and then after that their is a operation that happens and it collects the name of all the ip addresses range given and after scanning their is a link that appears called SCAN COMPLETE. Now i have to wait for such link and after that i will logout.I use

selenium.waitforElemenPresent("link=SCAN COMPLETED");

Since on page this element is already present but hidden so it doesn't works. So i need to wait for such link to appear on the screen and after that i logout.

Any suggestions.

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try for something like that SeleniumUtils.waitForElement(selenium, "id=your_id"); – deadfish Sep 27 '11 at 9:27
it will not work as the element is hidden in the page and this command will be true always so no waiting is their for scan to complete. – mannu singh Sep 27 '11 at 9:29
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I assume you are using Selenium RC. One option is to wait for the element using XPath. This way you can also check for the display attribute.

So say the link looks something like this (notice the display attribute):

<a href="#" style="display: none">SCAN COMPLETE</a>

You can wait for it to be visible with:

selenium.waitForElementPresent("//a[text()='SCAN COMPLETE' and not(contains(@style, 'display: none'))]");
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