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I want to call a method with parameter that return a string.

public String MyMethod(Integer param) {
    String xx=......;
    return xx;

And I want to display this result in <p:inputText>. How can I do this? I'm using primefaces.

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Let's say you have the following:

private String someField;

public String getSomeField() {
   return someField;

public String setSomeField(String input) {
    someField = input;

Then you can access this property in your .xhtml file which contains the <p:inputText> like this:

<p:inputText value="#{nameOfYourManagedBean.someField}" />

Alright? I'd still recommend you to read a book or something, since this is very basic stuff.

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Thank you for your answers, my classBean contain a reference of anotherClass like this

bean user {.... Profils idProfil}

So when I've tried to call beanUser.selectedProfil.nameProfil in p:inputText, it works fine. Thank's

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