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I am about to start a new project for the catering institute where following list of modules needs to be covered.

  1. TELEPHONIC INQUIRY PROCEDURE: where user will fill up online form and will be saved in db. Follow up module will be associated with it to manage follow up and after he paid the fees for prospects, his exam will be scheduled.

    After clearing exam, he will be processed to pay the course fees as per predefined installments or as per his convenience.

    So ones first payment installment is done, he would be a student and system will have his management section for his attendance, fees, fine, etc.

    Another module will be exam schedule based on the course offered and will be associated with the batch.


    • Management of bonafide letter.
    • Or any other letter related with student their parents.
    • Print and reference number management
  3. TRAINING MANAGEMENT: Tracking management, if student is sent to any other place to gain experience.

  4. INTERVIEW MANAGEMENT FOR PLACEMENT: exam to schedule for candidates appearing for overseas placements.

  5. Online Payments : To pay fees for course either by student or by their students.

This is what overall idea about the requirement. I think you all experts can suggest me an .Net architecture that I can implement. If you suggest me any project samples to follow would awesome.

I am well worse with with MVC, LINQ and planning to do something in WCF so in near future same thing can be plugged into the desktop application.

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ASP.NET MVC would be your best bet. I have a a round up on my blog if you want to track various information sources.

But if you think its too complicated, just start out with some basic web forms in a layered manner separating out the presentation from business and data layers.

I also had good experience working on module based development using web client software fatory

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Don't know if this helps, but you might want to look at Sharp Architecture for some ideas / best-practices about the architecture of a .NET solution.

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Sounds like you should be looking into Windows Workflow Foundation

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