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This is a classic Boost message_queue example:

#include <boost/interprocess/ipc/message_queue.hpp>
using namespace boost::interprocess;
struct Data { ... };

int main() {
    Data data1;


    message_queue mq(create_only, "message_queue", 100, sizeof(Data));

    mq.send(&data1, sizeof(Data), 0);

Now I would like to put the mq message_queue object inside a class as a member variable, with the lifetime of this class' object:

#include <boost/interprocess/ipc/message_queue.hpp>
using namespace boost::interprocess;

struct Data { ... };

class DataManager 
    message_queue mq;

       : mq(create_only, "message_queue", 100, sizeof(Data))      // ok
        mq.Open(create_only, "message_queue", 100, sizeof(Data));   // Open does not exist

It seems I can only initialise the mq object in the member initialisation list, since message_queue does not provide the member functions to set its parameters at a later time.

Am I wrong? Is there another way to do it?

I would like to be able, e.g., to let an object use a message queue whose name is passed as a parameter to one of its member functions.

Thank you.

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It seems you indeed can't set the parameters later, but how does this relate to your requirement? – Fred Foo Sep 27 '11 at 9:42
Let's say I want my object to use a message queue which can change later. – Pietro Sep 27 '11 at 10:03
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How about this :

class QueueManager
  boost::scoped_ptr<message_queue> mq;

  // ctor
  QueueManager(string msgqname) 
      mq.reset(new message_queue(create_only, msgqname, 100, sizeof(Data));

Just to give you an idea that at least some parameters can be passed to class constructor. Since message queue uses shared memory underneath, I think most parameters can not be changed after construction.

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I wanted to create the message_queue on demand, in a normal member function, not in the constructor. Using a scoped_ptr as you did seems to work in my case. Thank you! – Pietro Sep 27 '11 at 11:13

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