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I can get the list of running process from the this source code on mac.

Now, I want to filter these processes for different users or at least for current user session.

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You can just extend your code like this..

    kinfo_proc *mylist;
    size_t mycount = 0;
    mylist = (kinfo_proc *)malloc(sizeof(kinfo_proc));
    GetBSDProcessList(&mylist, &mycount);

    char *user  = getenv("USER");

    for (int i = 0; i < mycount; i++) 
        uid_t uid = mylist[i].kp_eproc.e_pcred.p_ruid;
        struct passwd * pwd = getpwuid(uid);
        char    * username = pwd->pw_name;

        if(strcmp(username, user) == 0)
            printf(" %d - %s \n", mylist[i].kp_proc.p_pid, mylist[i].kp_proc.p_comm);
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To be more precise you can get username buy this technique

    SCDynamicStoreRef   store;  
    store = SCDynamicStoreCreate(NULL, CFSTR(""), NULL, NULL);
    CFStringRef  currentConsoleUser = CopyCurrentConsoleUsername(store);

    const int kBufferSize = 256;
    char logedinusername[kBufferSize];

as getenv("USER"); may not work if you are running as root user and want logged in user.

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