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I am not a programmer, but am doing my best to set up open graph on my website.

It's all working ok and looking good on facebook, but I'm getting this error message on my site;

Object at URL 'http://www.thesocialnetworkingacademy.com' of type 'website' is invalid because the given value '159229554128788' for property 'fb:admins' could not be parsed as type 'fbid'.

Can anyone tell me in fairly basic terms what I need to do to fix that?

Thanks for your help!


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Your ID looks like a page ID rather than an admin ID. You need to supply the user ID of one or more admins for this page, or switch to an fb:app_id instead of an fb:admin meta tag.

If you wish to stick with the fb:admin approach you can enter your Facebook username rather than the numeric ID, which is probably easier to debug and manage, you can find your user name on your profile page in the page URL eg if you page is facebook.com/johndoethen your username is johndoe. If you want to get your numeric ID for any reason you can find it by visiting: http://graph.facebook.com/johndoe

You can then check that this is all working by using the Facebook debugger to test your site: http://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug

Using the debugger is the best way to test it - Facebook will take ages to update it's cache of your pages, so you won't see the results of any changes you make for days otherwise.

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typing your USER NAME ...did work for me. Thanks Benz001 –  SD Developer Jan 6 '12 at 20:54
try graph.facebook.com/gbirbilis for example to see how that JSON data for the user look like, since the johndoe above is dummy and will return error –  George Birbilis Sep 6 '13 at 9:18

fb:admins has to be a user id. This is telling you that the fb:admins value isn't a user id. You need to put your uid in there, or use an app id with fb:app_id


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I had the same problem.

You need an APP ID for that to work. A website is not an app. You must go to https://developers.facebook.com/apps and create a new APP. After the creation you will recieve an APPID. That is the id that you need.

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You can use multiple admin ids AND also an app id if you wish at the same time

<meta property='fb:admins' content='5555555'>
<meta property='fb:admins' content='7777777'>

<meta property='fb:app_id' content='888777555555'>

can find admin id by going to the opengraph page for a user, e.g. http://graph.facebook.com/gbirbilis

can find app id by going to https://developers.facebook.com/apps

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In fact, lots of websites use fb_appid rather than fb_admins, like this mac video converter site.

If you want to get your fb_admins ID, this page may help you

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I had the same problem and the problem was passing the app_id and admin_id like this:

<meta content='{5555555}' property='fb:admins'>
<meta content='{555555555555}' property='fb:app_id'>

And it should be like this:

<meta content='5555555' property='fb:admins'>
<meta content='555555555555' property='fb:app_id'>
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