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I need create a listview with pinned overlay image over upper row and next row, like image example below.

image pinned a row and overlaped over row1 and row2

Thanks a lot.

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set the Layout parameters of image, ie size not exceed to the parent view

LinearLayout.LayoutParams layoutParams = new LinearLayout.LayoutParams(30, 30);
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I will try it, thanks. –  olidroide Sep 27 '11 at 13:12
Sorry @jazz, but I use that code, and appear a ClassCastException: LinearLayout.LayoutParams lp = new LinearLayout.LayoutParams(10, 10); ImageView iv = (ImageView)findViewById(R.id.first_image); iv.setLayoutParams(lp); –  olidroide Sep 27 '11 at 14:03

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