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What's the difference between ContentControl.Template and ContentControl.ContentTemplate? And when do I use which?

For example I could write in a xaml file for WPF:

            <Label Content="This is from the Template"/>

Notice the ContentControl.Template Tag

or I could write this:

            <Label Content="This is From the ContentTemplate"/>

Notice the ContentControl.ContentTemplate Tag

The output looks the same and in the first case I use a ControlTemplate and in the other a DataTemplate. However, how should I deceide if I have to use .Template or .ContentTemplate? And what implications does this have (e. g. on DataBinding, Property Inheritance, ...).

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Template property defines the appearence of a Control itself and ContentTemplate defines the template of the Content area of a Control. Interesting point from MSDN:

If a Control does not have a ControlTemplate, the Control will not appear in your application.

This becomes more clear when we take a look at the data types of both properties:

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Template property type is ControlTemplate, not ContentControl – romanoza Feb 26 at 16:24

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