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I have a J2EE online system and I am integrating office365 and sharepoint online to this system.

My Goal: access documents that are inside the sharepoint document library through my J2EE system.

What I only have now: - My J2EE system - Office 365 account (that includes "Sharepoint Online")

What are the steps needed in order to reach my goal ? (for example: installing sharepint server, downloading sharepoint administrator toolkit, how to use contect management interoperability services CMIS, is there any sharepoint development needed...etc )

Thanks a lot.

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This is all what you need.

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Dear Luis, Thanks a lot for your reply. But may you please tell me what do i need? I am not familiar with webservices.. Do i need to implement something in .NET, or the J2EE can call directly the sharepoint webservice ?? Thanks – TOBGY Sep 28 '11 at 14:17

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