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I can see from the following Embarcadero link

"Components Not Used in iOS Applications"


that several components (infact all the components used to make something better than a "hello world" application), are excluded from the iOS development even if they exist on the FireMonkey pallette when you decide to build an iOS project.

Now my question:

They exist on that pallette when creating an iOS project because they are going to be included in the future, or the Embarcadero developers didn't even bother to exclude them from the toolbar when you decide to build iOS project?

So if development starts and these components are going to be available within a few months (through an update pack) its ok, but otherwise its junk to start programming over something that will never be available for deploy.

On the link I pasted there is NOTHING SAID about future availability of these components to the iOS development. They only note that these components are not used for iOS development.

Also, when it comes to third party non-visual components components (like devart's components), they are also available on the firemonkey pallette, but they do not compile on xcode for iOS development. However on the devart forums they say that their components will be compatible with iOS development within two months.

How are we going to know what we can use, and what promisses we have over this "cross-platform" development after all?

I am so confused.

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Welcome to StackOverflow. I'm voting to close this question as "not constructive", because no one who can actually answer it wouldn't be allowed to do so because of their NDA, and anything else said would just be opinion and speculation. Neither of those are appropriate for StackOverflow, which is a Q&A site; people post questions to be answered, and others actually answer them. Please read the FAQ if you haven't already, especially the part about what not to ask here. Thanks. :) –  Ken White Sep 27 '11 at 11:00
@KenWhite, you put in the comment, but forgot to actually vote to close :-). –  Johan Dec 22 '11 at 10:03
@Johan, No. I voted to close (I think I was the first one to do so, and if I try and vote now it won't let me, saying I've already voted to close this question). :) –  Ken White Dec 22 '11 at 11:56
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