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Am deploying a lex/yacc solution trying this grammar. The problem comes when i want to compile .lex file using this command: lex -t "file.lex"

I get this error:Error: Parse tree too big Try using %e num

Any help please thnks.

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Grammar works fine on Linux with flex 2.5.35. What version of lex are you using? Is it from a pkg, if so which one? Can you install GNU flex? –  Martin Carpenter Sep 27 '11 at 11:46
Have you actually tried to follow what lex is telling you, i.e. simply add an "%e2000" (doubles the parse tree size) to the beginning of the grammar ? –  FrankH. Sep 27 '11 at 12:09
@MartinCarpenter thnks for the response,in fact this code works good in flex 2.4 in cygwin, but with the solaris doesn't. i checked the version of lex in solaris it said lex SGU solaris elf 4.0.it should be compatible with that. thnkss –  Aymanadou Sep 27 '11 at 13:48

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I have a similar lex (same output from lex -V) and this grammar works fine for me unchanged (Solaris 10/SPARC) so I suspect you may need a patch. pkginfo output below.

$ pkginfo -l  SUNWbtool 
   PKGINST:  SUNWbtool
      NAME:  CCS tools bundled with SunOS
  CATEGORY:  system
      ARCH:  sparc
   VERSION:  11.10.0,REV=2005.
   BASEDIR:  /
    VENDOR:  Sun Microsystems, Inc.
      DESC:  software development utilities, including ar, dis, dump, elfdump, lex, lorder, mcs, nm, prof, ranlib, rpcgen, size, strip, tsort, and yacc
    PSTAMP:  on10ptchfeat20090911051613
  INSTDATE:  Mar 15 2011 15:46
   HOTLINE:  Please contact your local service provider
    STATUS:  completely installed
     FILES:       48 installed pathnames
                   8 shared pathnames
                   2 linked files
                   8 directories
                  24 executables
                1874 blocks used (approx)

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