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With references to the following question speeding up xcode builds, the following command still works in Xcode 4:

defaults write PBXNumberOfParallelBuildSubtasks 4

However it only limits the number of 'cplus' processes that Xcode initiates while building. In Xcode 4 now I also get a ton (more than the number of cores I have) of the 'clang' processes, which eat up a lot of memory and freeze my system. So is there any way to limit the number of 'clang' processes while building?

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what worked for me in Xcode5, having the same issue (freezes on archiving on last file) is to change the Build Settings: Set "optimisation level" for RELEASE (or all) to NONE. worked wonders.

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The answer is here:

defaults write IDEBuildOperationMaxNumberOfConcurrentCompileTasks 4

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