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I have that CSS for one of my elements:

background: -moz-linear-gradient(top, #3B3B3B 0%, #FFFFFF 100%); 

When I inspect it at Firebug it is like:

-moz-linear-gradient(center top , #3B3B3B 0%, #FFFFFF 100%) repeat scroll 0 0 transparent

When I look at my page it has some paddings from top left down and bottom. How can I solve it?

PS: The problem is that. I give that style into a a div as like:

<div id ="myDiv">
....//That div is just under the body element so includes everything.

At firefox html element is upper than that div element and if I give that style into html element I can not see the result at my div.

It works at Chrome, I get this error at Firefox.

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provide the link of your page, or create a demo at – Sotiris Sep 27 '11 at 11:07
It is not easy to see that effect at jsFiddle. – kamaci Sep 27 '11 at 11:42
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Have you removed the margin and padding from your html, body, div elements?

Something like:

html, body{

   background: -moz-linear-gradient(top, #3B3B3B 0%, #FFFFFF 100%);
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margin-o to my body element soleves the problem – kamaci Sep 27 '11 at 11:42
Glad to help @kamaci – Jason Gennaro Sep 27 '11 at 11:43

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