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I have the usual data passed into my onItemDisclosure as below:

  onItemDisclosure: function(record, btn, index) {

I can see the data no problems but I would like to pass this data onto my panel so its template can then use it?

How would I go about this.

i have this so far in the detailed panel, but with in the panel code how do I then grab this?



Well having a play around it seems that I placed the data variable within the template as normal and the whole thing works

    <tpl for="."><div>{name}</div></tpl>

But my Other question is that I have my json set up with a field as below:

  "name"," joe bloggs",
   "contacts": [
                "home":"0844 482 5171",
                "work":"0844 482 5100"          

Now I can access these if I console.log(contacts[0].mobile) but if I place this in the template {contacts[0].mobile} it just simply prints out {contacts[0].mobile}

So how can I obtain this data within contacts?


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use <tpl for="contacts">{mobile}</tpl>


Add the tpl property to the detailPanel object, like this:


where text is some property of the record.data object.

Here are some good tutorials about sencha's templates:



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Thanks for the reply i just did the '<tpl for="contacts"><div>{mobile}</div></tpl>'... but cannot answer my own question for 8 hours :-) but thanks for this –  Simon Davies Sep 27 '11 at 11:32

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