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I am playing a video using MediaPlayer. Now there is a mute/unmute button. This toggle button should set first the video play without sound, on second press it should make its volume to its initial state. I tried with AudioManager.setMicrophoneMute method. It did not work. How it can be done?

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You can use AudioManager.setStreamMute(int streamType, boolean on) Setting it to true will change stream's volume to 0, and false restores volume value. More information at http://developer.android.com/reference/android/media/AudioManager.html#setStreamMute(int,boolean)

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The setMicrophoneMute() mutes the microphone (obviously), this is an input device. Microphone does not participate in audio playback and therefore muting it has no effect.

You can use MediaPlayer.setVolume() to mute/unmute the output. For an idea how to implement this see this thread.

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To use setVolume, I have to pass the both left volume and right volume, both of them are in float. But before setting the Mediaplayer volume to zero, I have to get the current volume first so that I can reset it to the same volume at the time unmute. In the above mentioned thread, AudioManager.getStreamVolume is used to get the volume, it is giving a single int value as volume. How this can be used to at the time of unmute? –  dev_android Sep 27 '11 at 13:18

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