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I came across a very nice API MBProgressHUD, however when I was reading the documentation in the header MBProgressHUD.h I got confused since the doc says that - (id)initWithWindow:(UIWindow *)window; is a convenience constructor.

According to Apple docs regarding memory management, convenience constructors should not be prefixed with any of the following: init, alloc, copy.

Can anyone clarifies whether I'm missing something here?

/*** A convenience constructor that initializes the HUD with the window's bounds.  
* Calls the designated constructor with  
* window.bounds as the parameter.  
* @param window The window instance that will provide the bounds for the HUD.  
* Should probably be the same instance as  
* the HUD's superview (i.e., the window that the HUD will be added to).  
- (id)initWithWindow:(UIWindow *)window;
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You should have added a bug report. :) Fixed now.… –  Matej Bukovinski Apr 10 '12 at 16:07
woops, I will do that next time round :) Thanks for the fix! –  mrd3650 Apr 11 '12 at 6:58

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I believe the problem is with the comment. The convenience constructors return autoreleased objects, but this - (id)initWithWindow:(UIWindow *)window; does not. Thus, the name of the constructor is fine, but the comment should be updated.

edit: I always found the MBProgressHUD a bit complicated to my taste until i came across this nice replacement on github.

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Thanks @mja for the clarification and also for the alternative progressHUD link. I gave it a look and yes it seems simple enough. However I want to point out that MBProgressHUD has one very good feature; with just one line you can display the HUD while running a @selector() and stopping as it finishes. –  mrd3650 Sep 28 '11 at 7:06

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