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I just wonder why it act this way.

In IBM RFT 6.x version integrated with a eclipse IDE . I run the follow lines to get a text output from another program.

String Text = "";
String Text_Value = "";

Text = (String) outputText().getProperty(".value");
Text_Value = (String) outputText().getProperty(".value");

the original output captured by outputText().getProperty(".value") is

2011-09-27 19:11:05.996 [Process ID:0x00000000] show cpup sc11
 CPU0  Usage                    : 3.2%
 CPU1  Usage                    : 6.29%
 Smooth CPU Usage               : 4.65%
 Real CPU Usage                 : 4.65%
 CPU Usage Sample Rate          : 2(s)
 CPU OverLoad Level[1]          : 10%
 CPU OverLoad Level[2]          : 20%
 CPU OverLoad Level[3]          : 90%
 CPU OverLoad Level[4]          : 95%
 CPU Peak Usage                 : 99.88%
 CPU Peak Usage Time            : 2008-10-31 20:12:54
 The History Real CPU Usage     :
 No   %CPU   %CPU   %CPU   %CPU   %CPU   %CPU   %CPU   %CPU
 0     3.87   4.76   4.72   4.76   4.76   4.69   4.65   4.65
 1     4.69   4.65

and the strange thing happens here. I got the string variable

Text = "\r\n2011-09-27 19:11:05.996 [Process ID:0x00000000] show cpup sc11"


Text_Value = "\r\n2011-09-27 19:11:05.996 [Process ID:0x00000000] show cpup     sc11\r\n************************************************************\r\n.....4.69   4.65

The Text_Value is exactly what I want but the Text is always be cut off here in "show cpup sc11".

the twoline is expected to do the same thing.

when i try other output of the program.This would not happen.The two variable is same.

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You need to post code for this question to be answerable. –  Charles Goodwin Sep 28 '11 at 11:57

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It's probably a synchronization issue. Your Text is cut off because the control is not quite populated. By the time Text_Value line is executed, the outputText() object is populated fully, so Text_Value is not truncated. You could prove this by inserting a sleep(10) command prior to the Text line. Change the value 10 to whatever arbitrary number of seconds is long enough for the outputText() control to have been fully populated.

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Thanks Tom. outputText() is a bit slow. When sleep(0.1) it still fails but sleep(0.3) could solve the problem.Thanks,you cool! –  oyss Oct 8 '11 at 2:57

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