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Is it possible to perform the local Validation for iOS applications (which can be see in the Organizer under Archives) function via the command line?

UPDATE: Just to clarify - the goal here is to eventually make this validation a part of the continuous integration process for my iOS applications.

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In the past I've used this command:

xcrun -sdk iphoneos Validation /path/to/MyApp.app or /path/to/MyApp.ipa

This will check the codesigning, icon dimensions etc. I'm not sure if the Xcode Organizer or Application Loader app do any other validation in addition to this tool, and the tool itself has zero help or command line flags that I can find.


This question has prompted me to dig a bit deeper. Running the strings tool reveals the following switches:


The -online option apparently will validate the binary for the first available app in iTunes connect, but I have not figured out how to pass a username/password to the command. However I'm guessing for continuous integration you probably only want the local validation.

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Awesome. I'll do some testing to see since the new SDK provides some additional validation (I'm obviously being vague since it is still under NDA). –  dtuckernet Sep 27 '11 at 12:38
You can also take a look at the other commands available in /<Xcode install dir>/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/Developer/usr/bin –  Mike Weller Sep 27 '11 at 12:42
Any idea how to distribute an ipa to something other than the first available app in itunes connect? I tried doing with the online options and, of course, it failed the validation because the bundle identifiers were different. I tried without the online option and the command finished very quickly (seconds), gave no output, and never uploaded the app into itunes connect. –  marklar May 6 '13 at 23:46
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You can validate from the command line using the command:

xcrun -sdk iphoneos Validation /path/to/App.{app or ipa}

It's a bit unclear what checks it performs, but presumably it does as least code-signing and icon dimensions.

In addition to local validation, it's possible to perform online validation (but only for IPA packages):

xcrun -sdk iphoneos Validation -verbose -online /path/to/App.ipa

For this to work you need to have your iTunes Connect credentials stored in a special entry on your keychain. To create this entry:

  1. Open the Keychain Access application;
  2. Create a new password item (File > New Password item…)
  3. Keychain Item Name: Xcode:itunesconnect.apple.com
  4. Account Name/Password: Your credentials for iTunes Connect

Online validation seems to be fairly rough, but does all the checks that would otherwise be performed validating an archive from with the Organiser window in Xcode. Sadly it doesn't seem to set a non-zero exit code on failure, which means output scraping to detect errors. My current heuristic for detecting failure is the presence of any output after the Performing online validation... line.

Given the lack of documentation it's almost certainly not supported.

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