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i have complex animated movieclip, which is imported from flash IDE to stage runtime. Problem is, the graphics is not smooth - as it is pixelsnapped, or part of the animation. all bitmaps used, have set allow smoothing on in flash IDE.

tryed to scale all bmaps to .99 but aswell not helped.

so i came to pixelsnap property, but didnt find it in flash IDE - is there way to set pixelsnap on those bitmaps, inside MovieClip imported from ide in runtime? as i see, all bitmaps are imported to stage as Shapes, and didnt find any way to change this - found some post about setting base class to bitmapdata, but got error and flash setted it back to movieclip...

any clues? :)

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afaik there's no pixelsnapping in the IDE. when you're animating on the timeline make sure to position everything on whole pixels: 44 instead of 44.23. – pkyeck Sep 27 '11 at 11:48
you cannot make rotation snap on whole pixels - lets say you have buoy on the sea - with small animation of float - you make it in flash IDE, then embed to your project, but it isnt smooth :) - it snaps to the pixel grid somehow - so im wondering about getting somehow to the MCs bitmaps to set them pixelsnap on.. – Petr Bokvaj Sep 27 '11 at 13:12

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