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We have pure OData service (.Net 4, hosted in IIS) which works fine. We want to deploy this service on Linux.

Is it possible to use OData with Mono? Have anyone had such experience?

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I also wanted to use odata for our project, but i seems that they don't support odata. Under you will find the entry "Data Services". under not supported

Components with no plan to support

  • WorkflowServices. we have no plan to work on WF3. There are WF4-based WCF stuff in System.ServiceModel, which is in different story (though no plan for this either).
  • RIA Services. Basically there are Silverlight SDK assemblies that are to be embedded in the app, so we don't have to bother much.
  • WSHttpBinding and its dependencies
  • Federation (I'm not sure what it is supposed to do.)
  • Silverlight PollingDuplex binding element.
  • WSDualHttpBinding (post-WSHttpBinding work)
  • MSMQ stack: Msmq bindings and MsmqIntegration.
  • Data Services.
  • Net peer channel improvements.
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