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I am trying to run the facebook app on website. I downloaded the facebook.php and base_facebook.php placed them under the src folder.

Then created an index.php and copied the example codes and changed the require 'src/facebook.php'; and also replaced the app id and secret key with the sample ones.

Then when I load the page I get an internal server error 500. I went into my server's log files and received this error:

2011-09-27 11:21:45 W3SVC32713 GET /facebook/
80 - HTTP/1.1
http://www.domain(changed).com/facebook/ www.domain(changed).com 500 0 0 1380 1061 1770

(I replaced my domain with domain(changed) for security purposes)

I tried to decode the coding and found that error was within: $user = $facebook->getUser();

I went into the base_facebook and var_dump($this) in the getUser function and showed this:

object(Facebook)#1 (7) { ["appId:protected"]=> string(15) "xxxxxxxxx"
["apiSecret:protected"]=> string(32) "xxxxxx" ["user:protected"]=>
NULL ["signedRequest:protected"]=> NULL ["state:protected"]=>
string(32) "xxxxxxxxxxxxx" ["accessToken:protected"]=> NULL
["fileUploadSupport:protected"]=> bool(false) }

Does anyone know why I'm always getting Internal Server Error 500?

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I had the same problem. The "facebook.php" file needed a php closing tag : "?>" at the latest line. That solved my problem.

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