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I have a facebook app which has feed dialog link. on Clicking the link the feed dialog opens up. I try to customize the friends who shall be able see the wallpost. This opens up the custom privacy dialog, but closes the feed dialog. So I cannot move forward with the wall post.

This happens when: The app is being used as a page tab AND The display mode is iframe.

This does not happens if: The app is being used as an app ( OR The display mode is popup.

Please advice...

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This is hard to debug without more details on exactly what functions you are calling. It might be that the functions you are using don't support XFBML or function differently. – Colin Smillie Sep 27 '11 at 13:17

there is currently a bug in facebooks feed dialogs and the privacy dropdown... facebook should sort this out soon. In addition, you should report this issue here.

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