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I'm having trouble granting privileges to another user in PostgreSQL 8.3. While the GRANT command gives me no error, the privileges do not show up. Do I need to "flush" them?

sirprize=# CREATE DATABASE testdb;
sirprize=# GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE testdb TO testuser;
sirprize=# \c testdb
You are now connected to database "testdb".
testdb=# \z
 Access privileges for database "testdb"
 Schema | Name | Type | Access privileges
(0 rows)

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\z Shows you table, view, and sequence permissions, for the objects contained within the Database. It does not show permissions on the database itself. If you create a table or some other object within 'testdb', it will then show up in \z's output.

You can see which Databases exist on your system with \l (or \l+ for a bit more info).

See section 9.22. of the PostgreSQL 8.3 manual for information about how to programatically determine which permissions exist for a user on a given database.

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Thanks! Now I only have to find out why phpPgAdmin does not sohw the database when connecting as testuser, thus preventing even the creation of a new table. But that's going to be another question here ;) –  sirprize Sep 17 '08 at 20:41

This page will explain some of the db object permissions as well: http://www.postgresql.org/docs/8.3/interactive/sql-grant.html

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