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I want to create certificates programmatically in which are signed by a CA. I was able to create a self signed certificate with CertCreateSelfSignCertificate as described here:

I was looking through the MSDN documentation and I can't seem to find a function to generate a certificate and sign it from a request. Most functions seem to be for manipulating the certificate store. Am I barking up the wrong dll here?

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I tried the unmanaged approach as well without success. In contrast to that, creating certificates with BouncyCastle is a breeze:

var keygen = new RsaKeyPairGenerator();
keygen.Init(new KeyGenerationParameters(new SecureRandom(), 2048));

var keys = keygen.GenerateKeyPair();

var certGen = new X509V3CertificateGenerator();
var dnName = new X509Name("CN=Test CA");


var cert = certGen.Generate(keys.Private);

This is a self-signed CA certificate, but creating a signed certificate is the same. Just change the issuer and the signing private key. You can also export certificates to DER (.cer) and PKCS12 (.p12) as well.

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My tendency would be to try this with capicom.dll, first. It's basically a wrapper for cryptoapi.

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I found the answer to this. I loaded up makecert.exe in a debugger and found it was using this call to create a signed certificate: CryptSignAndEncodeCertificate

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