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I have the following code

@PrepareForTest({Mongo.class, XYMongo.class, DB.class})
public class XYMongoTest extends UnitTest{

String host = Play.configuration.getProperty("");
int port = Integer.parseInt(Play.configuration.getProperty("mongo.port"));  
String name = Play.configuration.getProperty("");

public void testRetrieveMongoDBSuccessful() throws UnknownHostException, MongoException, Exception
    Mongo mongoMock = mock(Mongo.class);
    DB mockDB = mock(DB.class);

    PowerMockito.whenNew(Mongo.class).withArguments(host, port).thenReturn(mongoMock);




public void testRetrieveMongoDBFailUnkownHost() throws Exception


        PowerMockito.whenNew(Mongo.class).withArguments(host, port).thenThrow(new UnknownHostException("Test Exception"));


        PowerMockito.verifyNew(Mongo.class).withArguments(host, port);
    catch (Exception e) 
        assertEquals("Test Exception", e.getMessage());

The first test passes fine and the second fails with the test error being

Failure, expected:<[Test Exception]> but was:<[ Missing method call for verify(mock) here: -> at org.powermock.api.mockito.internal.invocationcontrol.MockitoNewInvocationControl.expectSubstitutionLogic( Example of correct verification: verify(mock).doSomething() Also, this error might show up because you verify either of: final/private/equals()/hashCode() methods. Those methods cannot be stubbed/verified. ]>

Any ideas on how to fix this? Tried everything I can think of.



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The error is actually coming from testRetrieveMongoDBSuccessful(); it looks like you've got the verify() not-quite-right, but Mockito can't tell you that until the next time you interact with it.

Try replacing the last line of testRetrieveMongoDBSuccessful() with:


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