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I want to make a program that read the inputed text and parse every word and store it in a data structure, so i can later have some statistics about that (frequency of words, most common word etc).

I need guidance about two things:

a. best approach for my "parse function", which will divide the text in terms

b. best approach for data structure choice, in what concerns complexity, access times and best suitable for the case.

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Depending on the other stats you need, it sounds like you want to use a Map<String, Integer>. Then for each key (the word you read in) you can store how many times you read it in. The rest sounds like homework...

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a) best approach for my "parse function"

Use a Scanner it has nice functions for next (word) etc.

b) best approach for datastruture choice

A map from word to a statistics object: Map<String, WordStatistics>.

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String tokenizers work pretty well too. Pretty sure you can just state what you want to tokenize on which may make things even easier. – csaunders Sep 27 '11 at 14:40
@csaunders I think Scanner is even simpler, and it has a next(Pattern pattern) method also. – dacwe Sep 27 '11 at 14:43

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