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Stepping through C code in gdb using Eclipse, I noticed that for a variable char* sval gdb prints (in Expressions tab):

  • Expression: sval
  • Type: char*
  • Value: 0x7fffd9d79840 "BIDPRICE"

However I know that the value should be something different (say, "BIDZSPD") because it was assigned a few lines above. Indeed, the value of sval[3] is 'Z', as expected.

Then I noticed the following in the expressions view, same as in mouse-over on a variable:

Name : sval
Details:0x7fffd9d79840 "BIDZSPD"
Default:0x7fffd9d79840 "BIDPRICE"

Looks like different representations of char pointer, but why Details is different from Default? Should I interpret "Default" as previous value? Why Default is shown as expression value, and not current value?

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Could you share that part of the program, especially where sval was declared and changed. And the Eclipse version. Thanks. – Olof Nov 9 '11 at 21:07
@Olof I appreciate you offering help, but this has been resolved by full build. It was not obvious at first, but eventually I noticed that gdb info was lagging a few lines of code. This gave indication that something was out of sync. And yes, I should have commented on this question earlier. Thanks. – user443854 Nov 9 '11 at 21:21
Heh. No worries. Glad that it got solved. – Olof Nov 9 '11 at 21:40
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Full build fixed it. This is one of the things one needs to keep in mind when working with C++: if things look really screwy (like gdb reporting different values by the same address), you have to bite the bullet and do a full build.

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