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Starting here, I'm wrestling with this right now. I've got two folders: Source and SQL. Source has multiple project folders. The project folders in Source and SQL have bin folders. I want to ignore all files in bin folders under Source, but not under SQL. I thought one of these might do the trick:


But no dice on all of the above.

It seems I'll have to enter a line for each folder under Source where I expect to have a bin folder (and then update my .hgignore file whenever I add a new project).


If this is not the case, any advice would be appreciated.

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Have you tried a regexp:

syntax: regex

Also, do remember that anything you've already added isn't affected by ignore rules, so you need the files to be untracked to test this stuff.

Lastly, consider making each project a separate repo -- that's the standard advice in DVCS land be it Mercurial or git. In svn multiple projects in the same repo isn't such a bad idea because you can have different parts of the working directory updated to different revisions, but with a DVCS all files are updated/checkedout to the same revision, which makes putting multiple Projects in the same repo a hassle in general and a really bad idea in some circumstances.

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A few tweaks I'd make, first one being just personal preference. Having tooled around with the hgignore file quite a bit, I find the declaration of the syntax on the same line as the pattern to be best for making lots of edits. Also, making the b in bin not case sensitive may be necessary in the future. And finally, put a slash at the end to prevent folders named binSomething from getting caught. But I like the slash after Source and the beginning of line marker. I can't verify this will work right now, but this seems optimal: re:^Source/.*/[Bb]in/ Thanks! –  dstrube Sep 28 '11 at 14:16

Looking at my .hgignore file, my slashes seem to to be the other way around (a forwrad slash instead of a backslash). i.e:


Try that maybe?

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Close, but that will ignore bin folders in SQL as well as Source. Is there a glob command that will ignore bin folders in some folders but not others? This doesn't work either: glob:Source/*/bin/* –  dstrube Sep 27 '11 at 15:28
Does this not work: glob:Source/bin/* or glob:/Source/bin/*? –  Magrangs Sep 27 '11 at 15:30
Nope, neither of those worked because I have bin folders under project folders under Source: Source/Project1/bin, Source/Project2/bin, Source/some/path/that/is/arbitrarily/long/bin, etc –  dstrube Sep 27 '11 at 15:39
Aplogies, I mis-read the question, I have created a folder called 'Test' and in that is a text file called 'hello' and also another folder called bin with a textfile called 'Ignore'. The following worked for me: glob:Test/*/bin/* (hello was visible in the commit and ignore was not). I am using tortoise HG v2.05. I see that this is the same as what you posted in the first comment so not sure why it does not work for you. Are you using tortoise hg? –  Magrangs Sep 27 '11 at 15:40
Hmm, that's really odd that it works for you and not me. I am using tortoiseHg 2.1.3 (on a 64 bit Vista, if that makes any difference). At any rate, I found a regex that does the trick: re:Source.*/[Bb]in/ –  dstrube Sep 27 '11 at 18:03

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