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I have multiple versions of .Net installed on my machine. I need my current Visual Studio project to use .net 3.5 dlls, is there an automatic way of doing this? Or do I need to manually remove and add references? Also I am missing a lot of dlls in .net 3.5.

Appreciate the help, Bruce

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.net 3.5 is not a complete framework, it is an addition to .net 3, which is an extension of .net 2 (adding WCF etc)

Wikipedia's .NET 3.5 article

Right click the project and select properties and select the Target Framework from the drop down.

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Change IIS entry as following: 1. In IIS select your local website 2. Right click and select properties 3. In ASP.Net tab select ASP.Net version as 3.5

Configure VS for debugging: 1.Open web project in Visual studio 2. Select Website ->start Options 3. Choose Build from left hand menu and select Target Framework as .Net Framework 3.5

This should take care of it.

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