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I'm having some smashing time with jQuery again, this time it doesn't quite work on calling .click().

The idea is to have a singleton class that looks for any elements tagged with ui-hint-confirm and show a confirm dialog. If user clicks OK the original element is clicked, else dialog simply closed. But since code can say more than thousand words:

ConfirmDialogManager = function () {
    var _dialogShown = false;
    var ensureDialog = function (target, text) {
        var targetEl = $(target);
        if (!text) {
            text = targetEl.attr('title');
            text = text == null || text == '' ? 'Are you sure?' : text += '?';
        var el = $('div#dlgConfirm');
        if (el.length == 0)
            el = $('<div id="dlgConfirm"></div>');
            autoOpen: false,
            modal: true,
            width: 300,
            height: 150,
            minWidth: 200,
            minHeight: 130,
            title: 'Please confirm',
            maxHeight: 500,
            position: 'center',
            open: function () {
                $(this).css({ 'max-height': 500, 'overflow-y': 'auto' });
            buttons: {
                'OK': function (ev) {, ev); },
                'Cancel': function (ev) {, ev); }
    var closeDialog = function () {
    var onConfirm = function (ev) {
        _dialogShown = true;
        _dialogShown = false;
    var onCancel = function (ev) {
        _dialogShown = false;
    var onClick = function (ev) {
        if (_dialogShown)
            return true;
        return false;
    return {
        init: function () {
        setConfirm: function (target, text) {
            $(target).click(text, onClick);
} ();


Next to looking for ui-hint-confirm elements on load it can also be manually invoked with setConfirm function.

The issue with above code is that nothing happens inside $(this).click() I have verified that it reaches that line through debugger (Chrome) and through alerting.

I also tried $(this).unbind('click', onClick) and $(this).unbind('click') with no difference. There are no errors being logged to console.

Any ideas? Thanks.

UPDATE: As requested, adding a html element samples this would work on:

Has to work on a regular link:

<a href="" class="ui-hint-confirm">Stack Overflow</a>

Has to work on a js only link:

<a href="#" class="ui-hint-confirm">JS Only</a>

Has to work on a submit button:

<input type="submit" value="Submit button" class="ui-hint-confirm" />

Has to work on a say link with some script already attached:

<a href="" id="theLink" class="ui-hint-confirm">Stack Overflow</a>
$('#theLink').click(function () { alert('Now going to Stack Overflow'); } );

In this last example the dialog should be shown before the alert message.

I has a similar thing working without an issue in ExtJS (now calles Sencha) I just can't get it to work in jQuery.


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can you add a sample html element that this would work on so that we can use it in – Kevin B Sep 27 '11 at 18:04
Hi Kevin. Added a few samples this would typically be put up against as requested. – Ales Potocnik Hahonina Sep 28 '11 at 7:45

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