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Is it possible to use PicasaWeb to host photos for my website? My requirement to upload and access within my ASP.NET Website.

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Yes, technically. You can use the Picasa Web Albums Data API to access the metadata about your images and then display them from Picasa. For an album, this is not a horrible idea, but I would not use this method for your site graphics.

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What my findings is that, if I upload image using filestream, it works fine, but not works with memorystream. Therefore, I copied uploaded file at temp location and created filestream and uploaded to picasa. Then removed file from temp location. –  Nps Nov 1 '11 at 2:27
    public string UploadImage(byte[] imageBytes_, string imageName_)
        string url = string.Empty;
            PicasaEntry newPhoto = null;
            MemoryStream ms = new MemoryStream();
            ms.Write(imageBytes_, 0, imageBytes_.Length);
            if (_albumFeed != null)
                PicasaEntry photoEntry = new PhotoEntry();
                photoEntry.MediaSource = new Google.GData.Client.MediaFileSource(ms, imageName_, "image/jpeg");

                newPhoto = this._service.Insert<PicasaEntry>(new Uri(this._albumFeed.Post), photoEntry);

            url = newPhoto.FeedUri;

        catch (Exception ex)
            throw new DneException("Error while uploading photo", ex );

        return url ;

I am uploading a zipped images and extracting using SharpZipLib library. I am getting each file in chunk of bytes and which I am converting into MemoryStream later to pass the MediaSource object. I am getting 400 Bad Request error each time. When I am passing FileStream, it works fine but doesn't work with MemoryStream

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I have the same issue. –  BrokeMyLegBiking Feb 20 '12 at 2:28

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