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I have a VHD in a container which was mount by an instance (a DotNetNuke accelerator). But now the instance is stopped so the VHD is not mount anymore.

The problem is : I can't rename this VHD with any UI client. "CloudBerry Explorer for Azure Blob Storage" shows that error when I tried to rename it : "This operation is not permitted because the blob has snapshots".

I tried to list snapshot in VisualStudio but it only returns blob's name...

I tried to mount the VHD in an instance and create a file : it works ! WTF ?

I'm going crazy. :)

thanks !

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The error is accurate. If you get that, it means the blob actually has snapshots. When you mount a blob you are most likely mounting the current version and not a past snapshot. You can enumerate the snapshots using the REST API (use the 'include=snapshots option) to prove this to yourself.

If you really want to delete the blob with minimal hassle, I would suggest using https://www.myazurestorage.com (safe site from Microsoft DPE). It will enumerate your snapshots automatically and allow you to delete them. Once they are all deleted, you can also delete the blob.

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