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I have a public class EmailHelp. In this class there is a public String called doIt. How do i execute this public String DoIt from within let´s say a onClick event?

public class EmailHelp{
           public String DoIt {

public void crxExecute () {
          execute DoIt

Thank you in advance.

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What is your development environment / language? Please add the relevant tags to your question. – Matt Wilko Sep 27 '11 at 16:29
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Assuming that "DoIt" is not a static method, you'd need to create an instance of the EmailHelp class, and call that method:

public void Button_OnClick(object sender, EventArgs e)
    var emailHelper = new EmailHelp();

The fact that it's not obvious that you need to instantiate EmailHelper may indicate that the method should in fact be a static one. If it were a static method, calling it would look like this:

public void Button_OnClick(object sender, EventArgs e)
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