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I had done the registration using ASP.NET CreateUserWizard Control. In here I want to use email address as the username. I had problem removing Email field from the control. In the web.config file I used requiresUniqueEmail="false". I achieve this by hiding the email field and autofilled the field with username. There is a way shown here of doing that. I just wondering if there is any other better way of doing this.


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Have you tried setting the CreateUserWizard.RequireEmail property to false like so:

<asp:CreateUserWizard ID="CreateUserWizard1" runat="server" 
    RequireEmail="false" ...
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You can change the RequireEmail property to true or false. You can find more from CreateUserWizard.RequireEmail Property

<asp:CreateUserWizard RequireEmail="True|False" />
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