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I'm a complete newbie to Jenkins. I'm trying to get Jenkins to monitor the execution of my shell script so i that i don't have to launch them manually each time but i can't figure out how to do it. I found out about the "monitor external job" option but i can't configure it correctly. I know that Jenkins can understand Shell script exit code so this is what i did :

ls /home/user1 | grep $2
case $? in
    0) msg_error 0 "Okay."
    *) msg_error 2 "Error."

It's a simplified version of my functions. I execute them manually but i want to launch them from Jenkins with arguments and get the results of course. Can this be done ?


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You might want to consider setting up an Ant build that executes your shell scripts by using Ant's Exec command:


By setting the Exec task's failonerror parameter to true, you can have the build fail if your shell script returns an error code.

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