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I am currently using WatiN to automate a proprietary website at my work, and am running into an issue with being able to grab an IE session by its hWnd value.

As of this writing, I can start IE, handle the pop-up that occurs (the site uses JavaScript to generate certain things dynamically), but cannot return to the main IE (the first) window once I have finished interacting with the pop-up.


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I have had trouble with this before and its because i was using local variables between postbacks to store the references to the elements.

don't do this

    var btn = Browser.Button("clientid")
    btn.Click(); //assume that this triggers a postback
    var result = btn.Text;

do this

    result = Browser.Button("clientid").Text;
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Sorry about the 'unaccept', AI P. I was trying to post on something else and got my tabs crossed-up. I have corrected my mistake. –  Brian Nov 8 '13 at 0:50

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