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Can I extract string from the phrase using split() function with subphrases as delimeters? For example I have a phrase "Mandatory string - Any string1 - Any string2". How can I extract "Any string1" with delimiters as "Mandatory string" and "[a-zA-Z]"

This is how I'm trying to extract:

String str="Mandatory string - Any string1 - Any string2";
String[] result= str.split("Mandatory\\string\\s-\\s|\\s-\\s[a-zA-Z]+");

Result of this code is

result = ["Mandatory string","ny string1","ny string2"]

But desired is:

result = ["Any string1"]

Could appreciate some help, thanks.

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String[] result= str.split("Mandatory\\s(1)string\\s-\\s|\\s-\\s[a-zA-Z\\s(2)]+");

You just forgot an "s" in position(1)
and there should be a "\\s" in position(2)

try this line:
String[] result= str.split("Mandatory\\sstring\\s-\\s|\\s-\\s[a-zA-Z\\s]+");

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It's looks like working, but there are still some bug. The result is: result=[" ","Any string1"] – andriy Sep 27 '11 at 17:52
Yes, if the rex matches the first part of a String, the first element in the result array will be a "", just use the result[1] as the result you want. – Aloong Sep 27 '11 at 18:06
The result of " -".split(" "); will be ["","-"] all the time. – Aloong Sep 27 '11 at 18:09

First of all, there's a typo right here:


This should probably read


Anyway, I would either use " - " as the delimiter and get the second token:

str.split(" - ")[1] // TODO: prod version should do bounds checking etc

or use a different tool entirely, probably a regex match with the following regular expression:

"Mandatory string - (.*) - .*"

The parenthesised capture group will give you the string you're after.

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Why not

String[] result = str.split(" - ");
return result.length < 2 ? "" : result[1];
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If there is a definite format to your input string, just split it and then use the parts that are needed:

String[] resultArray = str.split(" - ");
String whatYouWant = resultArray[1];
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Ok,I got this. But if I don't know array index? – andriy Sep 27 '11 at 17:46
@Andriy Well you want the first string - that's going to be index 1 (assuming it exists. You may need to check to verify it does exist before using it to avoid an exception.) – corsiKa Sep 27 '11 at 17:53

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