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I have web page where I have Button that either opens app (if it installed) or directs to App store if app isn't installed. It all works if App is installed (I call into "MYAPP://"). However, if app is not installed Safari shows error message "Can not open URL" and that's it. Is there way to disable that message from JScript or is there another way to find out from JScript if app installed (instead of hitting app URL)?

To MODERATOR: I saw someone asked similar question and Moderator wrongly marked it as duplicate. Please understand that question was specifically about doing it from Browser.

Found somewhat suitable solution here

BTW if someone interested in how to do same thing for Android, here is code. We are using Dojo library:

    url: "yourApp://foo/bar",
    load: function(resp) {
      // nothing to do since it will automagically open App
    error: function () {
      window.location = "go to Android market";
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here is a code that works on iOs, even if the "Can not open URL" still show.

    window.location = "yourApp://foo/bar";      
    clickedAt = +new Date;
    setTimeout(function() {
        if (+new Date - clickedAt < 2000) {
            window.location = "go to Android market";
    }, 500);

Thanks for the android solution.

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I think you can still use the app url as a test. Try wrapping it in a try...catch block,

try {
  //run code that normally breaks the script or throws error
catch(e) {
  //do nothing
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